Posted on Sep 23, 2018

Deeply Nourished

So Monday 9/24 will mark the first day of a 2 week detox adventure. Who wants to join the fun?
I am inviting you to this group FREE of charge.
This is part of the process of optimization.
A deep dive into challenging unconscious behaviors, patterns, habits and a great way to process stagnation within the physiology.

I will be opening up a virtual meeting through zoom for a group meditation Monday morning, 9/24 at 9am PST to ease in and uncover what is ready released during this detox. I will also share what and why I do this, what is working and answer any questions you may have.

We will meet again during the following times to discuss our experiences, and how to move through with ease and grace.
Thursday 9/27 9am - easing in
Monday 10/1 9am - cleaning house
Thursday 10/4 9am - easing out
Monday 10/8 9am - Closing & integrating

You can sign up for FREE here!

I look forward to connecting with you there!
With love,
Alec Hurley
Higher Self Wellness
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