The next cycle of Evolving Habits is just around the corner. If you need better sleep, more energy, or less stress, then refining your daily rhythms in this program will take you far. Don't settle for less!

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So Monday 9/24 will mark the first day of a 2 week detox adventure. Who wants to join the fun?
I am inviting you to this group FREE of charge.
This is part of the process of optimization.
A deep dive into challenging unconscious behaviors, patterns, habits and a great way to process stagnation ...

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Have you checked out the podcast? This is an exploration of what it takes to live a life in balance, connection and flow.


a year ago
Alec is an amazing chef, yoga instructor, life coach and all around great human. Alec helped me clean up my diet by showing me how simple it could be to prepare tasty food at home for myself. It’s been years and I still use the basics he taught me to create delicious healthy meals for myself and my loved ones. Alec also made me more conscious of how vital sleep is, because of him I’m in bed early and I’m up early. I hardy have any trouble falling asleep and I’m up at the crack of dawn ready to get my day going. I used to crash in the afternoon from the caffeine I would rely on in the morning, and would be useless after 12pm. Now I only drink coffee on occasion because I like the taste, I don’t need it anymore to plow through the day. Alec also inspired me to stretch more and more frequently, and to do this as a form of enjoyment and not as a chore. I’m amazed by how much tension we all hold in our body, just from existing, and how amazing it feels to just lay down on the floor each ...
- Dmitry S
a year ago
Higher Self Wellness is a great place to find community where you can be supported in your wellness journey. Alec meets you wherever you are and provides practical support. This ranges from simple healthy recipes, building healthy habits, understanding the "why" behind these habits, free demo videos on everything from how to use a dry brush to cooking to yoga. I have benefitted greatly from this group as its a fantastic free resource. Alec answers my specific questions promptly and gives practical, real world advice. This has made me feel more hopeful about my path on becoming the person I want to be, and has also led me to other beneficial offerings by Alec. He is extremely knowledgable, professional, and his content is fun and easy to consume.
- Rose R
a year ago
I’ve known Alec since 2015. I did some yoga classes and surfing with him and it was clear he is an amazing human being. His approach to yoga and ability to tailor it to his audience is one reason why I continue to seek out his services.
- Nathaniel B


Hi! I’m Alec,
I help people just like you restore their vibrant health. I know what it's like to not feel like yourself, to not feel connected and embodied. I have broken through the mental and emotional barriers holding me back, and I am here to help you do the same!My goal is to help you achieve a calm mind, healthy body and connected spirit. 

I am here to help you awaken to the potential within you. Welcome to the next phase of your wellness path!Within the Higher Self Wellness Tribe, we practice the Art of Connection. This is the art of connecting ourselves to our environment. Personal to planetary. 

I am here to help you reach your health goals and together we will transform your mind, body and your spiritual connection!

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